Scottish Borders based Wedding Band: About Us

Pulse are a 100% live 5-piece band, with a vast amount of experience.  We guarantee to get your crowd up dancing, singing along and having an amazing time!  

Equipped with everything needed to make your night perfect, Pulse own a high-spec german-built HK soundsystem, plus have a passion for can create an excellent on-stage ambience and an exciting dancefloor display - something that can intice even the shyest of guests up for a boogie!

Meet Our Wedding and Function Band...

Lead Vocals - William Christison

William (a founding member of Pulse) has always been right at the heart of Pulse - leading from the front  

Guitar / Vocals - Chris Fairbairn

Chris has been with Pulse for more than a decade having joined at the tender age of 17 and has become the ceilidh caller, backing vocalist and compere to boot  

Bass / Vocals - Jack Brown

The backbone of the band, Jack has been playing with Pulse for five years, having joined after graduating with a degree in music

Keyboard / Synths - Paul Terras

Paul (the other remaining founding member) is an experienced adept and vital player in Pulse - helping us grow into a wedding band serving the borders and beyond from our base near Dunbar

Drums - Duncan Neilson

Duncan, (now a professional drummer) has recently stepped in to the permanent percussionist position. Fair to say he loves playing - and is also adept at the Scottish ceilidh tunes too

Accordian - Struan Young

Struan, joins the band for the ceilidh option and is an extremely gifted musician - who along with Duncan provides the fully live scottish music

What can Pulse offer you?

Example A: The Big Night Special

2 x 1 Hour live sets, full PA provided and stage and dancefloor lighting.  1 Hour Disco and backing music before the band start. 4 hours entertainment, 8pm-12am

Example B: The Ceilidh Included

2 x 1 hour live band sets, a 40 minute live ceilidh set with an accordianist joining the band, up to 1 hour background music before 1st set, 30-40 min disco interval.  Full lighting (stage and dancefloor) and PA system included. 7:30/8pm-12am

Example C: The Reely Big Deal:

The same as the ceilidh deal but with an extra 40 minutes of band time and extra disco - a full 5 hours of entertainment provided, 8pm-1am / 7pm-12pm

Please note, these are purely examples - we can tailor what we do to make your big day unique. 

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  • You're in a quandary. You'd love the fun and energy of a live ceilidh at your wedding - but you also want a traditional band for the majority of the night too. 

    Understandably, you don't want to pay for two full bands - and the prospect of a disco or pre-recorded reels just doesn't excite.

    So what can you do? 

    Well you'll be glad to hear that Pulse now offers a live ceilidh option - where the band is joined by an talented accordianist for that authentic sound. 

    We offer 40 minutes to one hour of traditional Scottish dancing - and don't worry we even take the time to call our dances, so those less accustomed get the chance to join in. 

    We'll perform a live: Gay Gordons, Strip the Willow, Virginia Reels, Military Two Step, Dashing White Sargeant and Waltzes. 

    So. If you're looking for one of the top wedding bands in the Scottish Borders, Edinburgh and Lothians and Northumberland, yet you also want the thrill of a live ceilidh, get in touch and email:



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    A PARTY at the National Railway Museum, to celebrate the rebirth of the world’s most famous train, was rocking - thanks to the music of a  Scottish Borders wedding and function band.  

    On Saturday (30th July), ‘Pulse’, a five piece outfit were tasked with bringing entertainment worthy of the Flying Scotsman, for the final day of its stay at the National Railway Museum, in Shildon County Durham.

    The ‘Shildon Shed Bash’ closed a week of celebration, with enthusiasts travelling from across the country to see the historic locomotive – providing the band with once-in-a-lifetime photo opportunities with the renowned train engine.

    Selkirk based Drummer, Duncan Neilson said: “It’s been a great year for us so far and we’ve had some great home gigs including the Selkirk Appointment Dance and the Duns Reivers Ball.

    “So to add to that this amazing gig to celebrate the Flying Scotsman is a real honour and privilege.

    “We learned quite a number of early 60’s songs specifically for the big night and we simply had to play Locomotion!

    “But it wasn’t just a day to celebrate old music and historic trains – the new renovation of the Flying Scotsman meant we also had license to play some up to date tunes too.”

    The fully live band, which has played in various guises for over two decades, has in the last five years become a specialist function and wedding band - playing music from the 50’s to the present day and even providing a live ceilidh option – and is available for 2016 and 2017 bookings.

    Duncan added: “It was a great night and the guys loved the opportunity to climb aboard the beautiful engine and get some unique photographs that we’ll all treasure and look back fondly on.”

    Willy Christison, lead vocalist, said: “To play a party in the presence of the Flying Scotsman was something I and the rest of the band will never forget.

     “Our stage for the evening was flanked by stunning trains from throughout the ages – making for a dramatic backdrop quite unlike anything we have ever played.

    “The crowd of nearly 200 enthusiasts were well up for a party too and kept on dancing throughout!”

    Highlights of the evening included a large ‘human’ train making its way around a temporary dancefloor to ‘Locomotion’ originally by Little Eva and made even more famous by Kylie Minogue.  

    Band members are: Willy Christison (vocals); Duncan Neilson (Percussion), Chris Fairbairn (guitar); Paul Terras (Keys); Jack Brown (Bass).

    For further information on booking one of the leading wedding bands in the Scottish Borders, Lothians and Northumberland, visit or contact
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    A fortunate set of circumstances alerted the band to the possibility of performing at Eyemouth Golf Club’s Christmas Party Night, on the 20th December – a rare public outing for the wedding and private party specialists.

    Guitarist, Chris Fairbairn of Berwick became aware of the free space, when his mum overheard in the hairdressers that the original band had pulled out of the gig!

    Pulse, a five-piece wedding and function band from the local area have been established for many years, having played dozens of weddings and parties.

    Chris said; “Having come to the end of a busy wedding season, performing across the North East and Scotland, we were fairly quiet, not really focusing on gigs – and just looking to record and practice.

    “Knowing the fantastic atmosphere at Eyemouth Golf Club, and also knowing the Bay View Restaurant manager, George, I phoned up on the off-chance that we could get the festive gig.

    “George seemed delighted, as he didn’t think he would be able to get our services, and he knows the band very well – agreeing straight away.

    “The guys are really looking forward to the gig – it’s nice to get a chance to play some of the Christmas tunes from the repertoire – they always go down a storm!”

    The party is open to the public, who can turn up later in the evening, or can book to enjoy a fabulous four-course meal.


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    Back in June this year (2013), Pulse headed to the recording studio to put down some tracks that we hoped would show us in a fair and positive light! 

    This is always a fairly difficult affair; when the band plays live there is a lot of interaction...believe it or not a song will quite often be different one night to the next; (extending in places if the dancefloor is full, or stripping a song back to bass and drums for a verse or two to add dynamics before coming together towards the end for a rousing finish!)  Whatever happens there is an energy that is often very difficult to replicate in a studio - where all 5 members of the band are wearing headphones as monitors, the drummer is behind a big glass cage (where some may say they belong! Not me though Duncan, definitely not me!) and every member is anxious that they won't mess up towards the end of what would have been a perfect recording attracting the ire of one demanding bassist!

    However the setup we were sure of one thing.  We wanted recordings that we would be proud of, and that were faithful to our live sound.  In our recordings you will hear no overdubs, no vocals auto-tuned to the hilt.  It is very much the real honest sound of Pulse! We recorded the 4 instruments live each time, with the vocals as a guide through our headphones.  We then took the instrumental tracks and recorded the lead vocals and backing vocals into a specialist highly-sensitive vocal mic.

    We are proud of our tracks, with the levels mixed excellently by Wayne at PFL audio...

    I hope that this gives you an insight into how our recordings were made; as to many it is something that perhaps is not given the thought it deserves when booking their band.  So (please) go back from this blog post and enjoy some of our songs.  Plug in some good quality headphones, listen to all the individual instruments and think of how that sound could be ringing out at your next event!  Don't be fooled by that bargain three-piece band whose recordings clearly have about 12 tracks overdubbed!


    Much Love :)



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    Hello there!

    Welcome to the new website for us here at Pulse! As the first blog entry I thought it best to discuss and welcome you to the new online hub for my band! 

    This is something we have all wanted to set up for a long time, and we are delighted with the end product! Finally there is one place where you can easily; contact the band, read our testimonials, listen to our live studio recordings and get (hopefully!) all the information you need on the band! In this blog you can expect to get updates from us, new ideas, and an excuse for us to indulge our respective passions in our; instruments, setups, lights and more! 

    So, to keep this post short and sweet I shall leave it at that - and hope that you have enjoyed browsing, laughing at some photos, and listening to our music, on this new, (fresh from the press) webpage!



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